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If you need impeccable maritime freight management for both inbound and outbound travel, we can help a landlocked nation become land-linked. From scheduling and setting up containers at your facility or project site to providing updated shipping tracking information, we veer. We provide the most affordable prices, especially for exports from Ethiopia to nations in the Far East.

We offer all of our customers the most competitive marine freight rates as an NVOCC operator on the global market. Whether your shipment is larger or smaller, you can still benefit from our reduced import and export freight rates. With a system that is actively monitoring your cargo, we provide you with visibility into your cargo from a distance within your arm’s reach. 27/7

What We Offer

Affordable customs compliance management

Filing and submitting documents online, to the extent that the nation’s platform allows

Chartering of vessel for large volume exports or imports

Managing exports and booking

Our Locations

Head Quarter

Regional Brances

  • Tracon Tower, 2nd Floor, Churchill Road
  • +251-111-262-622 | +251-944-308 117
  • Airport Cargo Village¬†
  • +251-902-491-226
  • Bole Lemi Industrial Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Kality Customs Compound
  • +251-900-896-020
  • Adama
  • +251-900-896-019
  • Dukem
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Hawasa Industrisal Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225 | +251-900-896-020
  • China |Tianjin, Lingang
  • +86-138-219735-43
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