Why Pave


SOlution provider

We excel at serving through land transportation for import and export, canvassing for sea freight, selling air freight, and providing transportation. Being a compliance specialist, Pave also provides advice. Pave Logistics now serves 10 branch offices within Ethiopia, 1 liaison offices in Djibouti, and a fully equipped branch office in China-Tianjin Port’s Lingang District. 

The company is continually working to improve its services and capabilities. With the help of its own ERP system, presented in numerous customs clearance locations, knowledgeable staff, and fleet of trucks, Pave Logistics provides customers with the most peace of mind and solutions while making the most efficient use of their money and time.

Track your shipment

We Value


To enhance the ability of our workers to conduct business professionally, we continually strives to improve workers’ knowledge we offer intensive training. To save the invaluable time of our customers, we have devised a culture of working seven days a week in the office and over the Djibouti port as well.


In the current fast-moving business world, our state-of-the art of technology will serve you in reporting and tracking your shipment 24/7 wherever you are in the world.


We are committed to being part and parcel of our customer’s goals and objectives by encouraging our valued customers to engage in our performance measurement to achieve the best service delivery.

Working With Us, You Will Get

Fast Delivery

Multi-Modal Clearance

Cost Benefit

Effective Tracking & Tracing Service

EPR System Management

Our Locations

Head Quarter

Regional Brances

  • Tracon Tower, 2nd Floor, Churchill Road
  • +251-111-262-622 | +251-944-308 117
  • pave@pave-logistics.com
  • Airport Cargo Village 
  • +251-902-491-226
  • yonas.a@pave-logistics.com
  • Bole Lemi Industrial Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Kality Customs Compound
  • +251-900-896-020
  • Adama
  • +251-900-896-019
  • Dukem
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Hawasa Industrisal Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225 | +251-900-896-020
  • China |Tianjin, Lingang
  • +86-138-219735-43
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