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Warehousing Services

We are dedicated to fulfilling the warehousing, distribution, and consolidation needs of our clients at all airports and seaports. Whether you need a closed warehouse service or a bulk storage site for a specific amount of time, we can provide it upon request.

We offer an effective cargo management system that expedites shipments so they can leave the port as soon as customs clearance is obtained.

We also recognize that the success of your supply chain depends on our efficiency and promptness, therefore we make every effort to give our global clients the dependability, adaptability, and speed in freight transportation that they need.

Track your shipment

What We Offer

Located within a 3 km radius of the Ethiopian railway station in Adama, we offer suitable and reliable warehousing service for on-demand -delivery time-sensitive shipments. 

Located within a 23 km radius of Mojdo dry port, and is located on the crossroad to Djibouti, Modjo, Hawasa, and A.A, we will render significant ease of access.

Our Locations

Head Quarter

Regional Brances

  • Tracon Tower, 2nd Floor, Churchill Road
  • +251-111-262-622 | +251-944-308 117
  • pave@pave-logistics.com
  • Airport Cargo Village 
  • +251-902-491-226
  • yonas.a@pave-logistics.com
  • Bole Lemi Industrial Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Kality Customs Compound
  • +251-900-896-020
  • Adama
  • +251-900-896-019
  • Dukem
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Hawasa Industrisal Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225 | +251-900-896-020
  • China |Tianjin, Lingang
  • +86-138-219735-43
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