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We provide dependable, prompt, and practical service for all your air freight inquiries from anywhere in the world in Ethiopia or from Ethiopia to anywhere in the world. 

For the benefit of proximity, a dedicated office is located inside the air cargo terminal to oversee import and export clearance. We provide airfreight service from the manufacturer to the customer’s store.

Track your shipment

What We Offer

Air freight booking for import from any part of the world. Consolidated purchases and handling from any part of the world

A low-cost shipping option that allows you the flexibility you need to make sure goods get to their final destination on time 

We manage tempreture controlled pick up and delivery for weather condition sensitive goods.

Dedicated office inside the air cargo terminal for proximity advantage to manage clearance for both import and export 

Our Expertise

Air Freight Delivery

Once your cargo arrives to its named destination, our dedicated clearance and transport team will collect and deliver the goods within half a day for city-limit areas on a door-to-door basis. This will create a smooth movement of your goods from origin to destination with a one touch followup!


We will be able to meet your demands conveniently for companies whose shipments require full chartered shipments, airfreight, or larger-than-usual shipments. You can reach the highest level of cost and time efficiency with the help of our competitive pricing and well-designed strategy to satisfy such objectives.

Our Locations

Head Quarter

Regional Brances

  • Tracon Tower, 2nd Floor, Churchill Road
  • +251-111-262-622 | +251-944-308 117
  • Airport Cargo Village 
  • +251-902-491-226
  • Bole Lemi Industrial Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Kality Customs Compound
  • +251-900-896-020
  • Adama
  • +251-900-896-019
  • Dukem
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Hawasa Industrisal Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225 | +251-900-896-020
  • China |Tianjin, Lingang
  • +86-138-219735-43
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