From our deep rooted expertise in customs valuation, taxation and compliance assessment and handling formalities, we render an all size fit service which cannot be differentiated due to the legal nature of the service. 


Different companies enjoy different privileges under the taxation process. Some of them are:
  • Importers under commercial goods
  • Importers under duty free scheme
  • Importers under Bonded Export scheme
  • Importers under Project cargo
  • Importers under manufacturing scheme but for local consumption only
  • Import for Government Budgetary institutes and many more
What we need to know is, all these different importers has all their own peculiarities when it comes to taxation rules and privileges. 

Customs Declaration Entry

Our high speed internet serves the best out of our expertise as the new customs system allows declaration anywhere in the world. As long as the customs database is accessible, we accomplish our customs process from all of our branch offices which gives a first hand support in clearing and lodging customs declaration for immediate use whenever need arises. Especially, manufacturing companies and fast moving and perishable goods movers gets this benefit from our service. 
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Customs Compliance

It’s obvious that the ultimate objective of any customs authority is to ensure compliance on all customs rules and regulation. Hence, in order to achieve this and avoid any misfortunes and litigations in a given time in future, companies are advised to choose carefully and cooperate with a professional. As we have been in the market for more than 8 years with strong professionalism background, you will get assured about any of compliance items that you are supposed to fulfil. 

Point of concern

We Believe that companies should invest their time and money where they are more productive and efficient at it. Hence, we promise also that we render solutions to your moves in the business that might not be valued financially.