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Custom Clearing Services

You could be looking for the best clearing solution or a business partner that provides a flawless clearing service in the ever changing business environment in relation to customs. Of course, the answer is more important than the person who finds the problem. Strong expertise and experience are necessary to streamline the customs compliance process. With our dedication to paving difficult business roads and our vast understanding of customs compliance, notably clearing in particular, we are by your side to resolve all these complications at the clearing stage.

You must go through the customs clearing procedure while importing or exporting, regardless of whether you are a domestic or foreign firm incorporated in Ethiopia. We provide a unique clearing and compliance evaluation with the highest level of professionalism and ethics in order to reduce and/or avoid the expense of detention due to documentation errors, misclassification, misrepresentation, misdeclaration, or lack of information.

We have also equipped our office with the tools we need to keep all of our promises. Your time delays in making declarations and exchanging papers pertaining to customs are avoided because to our remote DTI and high-speed Internet service in conjunction with our effective and quick ERP system.

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What We Offer

Containerized and oversized cargo shipments booking and handling.

The expense of managing customs compliance will be the lowest for you.

Support on customs-compliant document preparation.

Non-compliance risks and post-clearance audit hazards are eliminated.

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Regional Brances

  • Tracon Tower, 2nd Floor, Churchill Road
  • +251-111-262-622 | +251-944-308 117
  • Airport Cargo Village¬†
  • +251-902-491-226
  • Bole Lemi Industrial Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Kality Customs Compound
  • +251-900-896-020
  • Adama
  • +251-900-896-019
  • Dukem
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225
  • Hawasa Industrisal Park
  • +251-111-666-705 | +251-902-491-225 | +251-900-896-020
  • China |Tianjin, Lingang
  • +86-138-219735-43
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