Our Services

freight forwarding

Apart from delivering a seamless movement of goods, we specialize also on offering a solution to our clients. 


From a Land locked country to making it a land Linked

  • We Provide impeccable sea freight management for both inbound and outbound should you need one

  • We serve from booking and placing containers at your factory or project site to giving updated shipment follow till its destination

  • We offer the most competitive rates especially for your exports from Ethiopia to Far East Countries


All inbound and out bound air cargo handling, clearing, delivery to door service and managing booking, we deliver the most seamless service.


One of the main backbone of logistics is road transportation. Pave Logistics provides you the maximum safety of transportation per the countries standard.


Customs is one of our expertise area that we contribute the most professional service and peace of mind in customs rules and regulations.


Be it a break bulk storage area for definite time bound period or closed warehouse service you enquire, we avail it ready upon your request.

why pave Logistics

  • Strong expertise throughout the company
  • Best service backed up with high ERP system
  • Committed to standard
  • Can Create Synergistic effect to simplify your business

for you

Your advantage while working with Pave Logistics

  • Cost advantage
  • Compliance on all customs rules
  • You will get the right solution to your business not only service